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Teen Coaching

A child gets only one childhood. We want children to make good decisions as every thought & action today determines their future.

Coaching has a history of helping people with great strengths and potential. It became popular in the later part of the 20th century as a way for professionals to fine tune their strengths and manage their personal lives. It continues to grow in popularity, recently among well-informed young adults. Coaching Teens empowers young adults to discover a healthy balance in their lives, gain confidence, prioritize goals and improve relationships.

Teens today, has a lot on their plates and we have a passion for equipping teens to develop the life skills in order to work towards their immediate and long-term goals, but also “live” not just a life of existing. We want them to live a balanced & joyous life, one which will create a clear vision and goals for them while developing self-awareness and self-management

What we offer

Developing the coach within the teacher
Programme for teachers, tailored to the school’s vision, mission and values
Anti-Bullying programmes
Equipping the person being bullied and the bully to grow
Self-esteem and Self- Confidence development
Teen suicides are increasing and our vision is for children to live joyous lives while achieving success through building their self-worth and self-confidence. Parents & teachers have a huge responsibility on their shoulders. We want to support all parties involved to reduce the suicide rates.
Group Teen Coaching (Individual sessions, where needed) These sessions will be scheduled at the schools
Strategic sessions at schools
to develop tailored programmes (task team in-house selected) Testimonials on file.

“Until we’re

educating every

kid in a fantastic

way, until every inner

city is cleaned up,

there is no

shortage of things to do.”

– Bill Gates

Through coaching teens they can:

  • Discover their strengths and talents
  • Make informed decisions about how to best manage their stress levels
  • Learn ways to stay healthy and balanced in your life
  • Learn more about yourself and your relationship with others
  • Fine tune your academic and organizational skills
  • Develop a personal mission statement
  • Work toward goals that you choose

“The roots of education are bitter,
but the fruit is sweet.”
– Aristotle

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