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  • “Every one of us has an atmosphere, an ambiance we portray to the world we live in. On the one hand you get that laid off, negative, tedious atmosphere and on the other hand you get my coach. She is enthusiastic, positive and energetic and has an open minded approach on the obstacles brought before her. I had so much to learn in my 12-sessions of coaching at Human Mirror and am still pondering on all the fresh ideas Antoinette gave on managing our business.”

    Carl Fourie

    General Manager, L’Aquila Spa, Conference & Wedding venue
  • ”Antoinette was a great life coach, always understanding, accommodating, objective and enthusiastic. She guided me to identify the root cause of the problems I experienced with regards to balancing my professional and academic life and assisted me in obtaining clarity about the different options available. She also provided assistance and advice with regards to work related challenges and advised on specific techniques I could use in project context. Finally, she was a great source for interesting and useful articles and information about relevant subjects. I would highly recommend her to anybody who needs a new perspective or would like to develop their people and management skills.”

    J Grobler

    Project manager & busy with my PhD
  • ”My coaching and interaction with Antoinette was a most enlightening one from both the work and personal perspective. We did not see eye-to-eye immediately but this was the basis for the progress and positive results achieved. On a personal level, I was at a crossroads in my relationship (in general all of them and not necessarily my spouse). We identified forgiveness and for me this was the basis of moving forward and having a concrete platform to build from – shockingly, I did not even realise this to be an area that I needed to focus on. Now that this is apparent, the path to my “recovery” is more meaningful. At the same time, Antoinette (being the supportive person that she is) assisted with some “oddly enough” medical issues as well with great success. I am indebted to her for being a friend, coach and most importantly trustworthy individual.”


    National Manager)
  • “Antoinette has great success in coaching teenagers. Teenagers go through difficult times to find their own identity and to prepare to become a young adult. It is often during this period where normal parenting and education lacks in guiding the teenager to a better future. A Major Change Process is unfolding and aspects of resistance to change often plays role. It is during this period where Life coaching can be very helpful. We were very fortunate to use the coaching skills and services of Antoinette Lortan. Antoinette has a great passion for teenagers. She has special skills to guide them through the change process and maintain their trust at all times. We are so grateful for the changes in our daughter’s life and we continue the journey with her. We can confidently recommend Antoinette as coach to any teenager on the road to a brighter future.”

    Paul Stapelberg

  • “This was exactly what I needed to overcome my fear and take the first step into the future with the confident assurance that failure has no hold or power over me now.”

    Alecia Mynhardt

    Account manager, Siyanqoba Seminars
  • ”On entering the Awareness Coaching I was ready to be shown how to identify and correct areas in which I was lacking. This was the case, but what I didn’t anticipate was to become aware of areas in which I was excelling… this was hugely motivational for me and enhanced my belief in my capabilities. The coaching truly assisted me in aligning my perceptions with what is reality. I received tools that were practical and have truly made a difference in the way I conduct myself in my business and personal life – a very rewarding experience”.

    Janine Engelbrecht

    National Sales Manager Bristol- Myers Squibb
  • ”I am glad to have experienced Antoinette’s coaching sessions as they have brought a lot of change in my performance at work. I have been struggling with a lot of emotional baggage that interfered with my concentration at work. I did not realize that issues I thought I had erased in my memory were lying in my subconscious and conscious. I would unconsciously ponder and wander on these negative matters, shifting my focus on my work thus derailing me from my goal for the day to complete work and consequently decreasing the rate and quality of my performance. I learnt to deal with matters that bother me and if they happen to be beyond my ability to put them right; I discovered that I had to let go. I learnt to master my thoughts, to manage my reaction to situations and to be in control.”
    Graduate in Training, Transnet
  • ”My partner and I decided that we needed to learn how to communicate better with each other. We are both strong willed people who try to avoid conflict at all costs. We knew it was time to work on our relationship to make it better and stronger. We decided on Life Coaching after one of us attended a session where Antoinette spoke about Conscious Living. We decided to “give it a go” because she was practical and to the point. Both of us started off with individual sessions with Antoinette and we could immediately start to apply our new skills in both our individual lives and relationship. The impact was huge! Antoinette facilitated the couples sessions where we could talk about issue / areas not yet resolved. These sessions were also a huge success!

    Her practical approach enabled us to have heart to heart talks that were long overdue. We were able to have these talks / sharing sessions in a non-threatening / non-occuring / loving environment due to the skills she has taught us. We have learnt so much about each other’s dreams, personality types and conflict styles. I honestly don’t know how we coped with one another before the coaching. Antoinette is committed to getting the best results for her clients and pushes you hard to be honest with yourself and each other. I loved the way that she always held us to practical and achievable commitments.

    I can sincerely recommend her Life Coaching to any individual seeking personal growth, growth in their personal or professional relationships.”

    Relationship Coaching, S & H

  • ”As an ICT Service Delivery and Innovation company with a strong focus on delivering on time and within budget, it is easy to forget or neglect the human side of it in a highly delivery focused environment. The Human Mirror coaching sessions have assisted our employees and executives to have a much more holistic approach to their work environment and to seek harmony and balance between their work and personal life. We have seen tremendous changes in attitudes and the work approach of our employees after completion of the coaching sessions offered by Antoinette from Human Mirror ”

    Philip Stander

    Managing Director, GlobeTOM
  • ”I found Antoinette’s coaching helped me to get to the source of my problems quickly and resolve them without procrastinating!”

    Janessa Leita

    CEO Siyanqoba Seminars
  • “I had the privilege to have Antoinette as a coach. She is always present and supportive. She stands for her client’s greatness and encourages them to be in touch with their own greatness. She is a no nonsense coach. I would recommend her as a coach any time”

    Kelebogile Malopyane

    Business owner
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